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Electrical Rewiring

Do I need rewiring?

In some situations, the reason for electrical issues is out-dated wiring. The effects of poor or worn out wiring could be potentially devastating. Our fully trained qualified electricians will carry out a thorough check and offer you all the options including a partial or full rewire.

What is involved in a full rewire?

A full house rewire is made up of two processes. The first process is usually completed before the walls have been plastered and ideally should be done without any furniture or carpets in place. All wiring should be hidden and out of sight; either behind the walls or running under the floorboards. This process is called
the First Fix; where the actual wiring is installed as well as back boxes for all the sockets and switches. The second process is known as the Second Fix which is mainly made up of connecting the electrics by fitting the switches, sockets and lights. An adequate fuse box will also be fitted and all existing wiring and consumer units will be taken out.